Why Georgia for blueberries?

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Georgia is the largest producer of blueberries in the United States—Georgia’s Super Fruit. Did you know that Alma, Ga. is the Blueberry Capital of Georgia? 

The soil in South Georgia is perfect for growing blueberries, because it is sandy and acidic. Our beautiful climate is ideal; a short winter gives the berries the chill they need, followed by warm spring and even warmer summer temperatures that give us those perfect Sweet Georgia Blues!

Georgia’s blueberry harvest starts each year in mid- to late-April and continues through July. Blueberries are primarily grown in the southernmost areas of the state.

Why Alma, Georgia?

Because we grow the sweetest Georgia Blues in Bacon County (the sweetest of any county in the state), giving Alma the distinction of being the “Blueberry Capital!”

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