In the Spotlight: Blueberry Goat Milk Soap

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One of the many wonderful products featured at The Blueberry Barn happens to be the sweet-smelling blueberry goat milk soap.  Made locally by 5J Farm, this goat milk soap boast real blueberries and raw goat's milk that works wonders on your skin!  Besides smelling like a bucket of fresh blueberries, this soap has some amazing benefits.

Containing alpha-hydroxy acids, goat's milk helps to remove dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, leaving new cells in the place that are much smoother and younger looking.  These acids break down the bonds holding dead skin cells together naturally, while water-based soaps are prone to using chemical acids that can cause skin damage to do the same job.

Although goat milk has many vitamins, Vitamin A is the number one.  Vitamin A repairs damaged skin tissue, helps maintain healthy skin, and studies have shown that this vitamin also reduces lines and wrinkles, making you look years younger!  It can help control acne and provide relief for psoriasis.  Most water-based soaps can't boast this skin-saving vitamin, putting goat milk soap at the top.

Smooth with cream from the milk, goat milk soap is the aster of moisturizing, helping smooth out dry skin and keeping it healthy.  We can thank the fat molecules in the goat's milk for that!

And there within the milk lies a mineral called selenium, which is believed by scientists to play an important role in preventing skin cancer.  It also prevents damage from the hot sun after excessive exposure.

To sum this up, blueberry goat milk soap smells amazing, feels great, and is our skin's best friend!


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