In the Spotlight: Blueberry Muffin Candles

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With Christmas right around the corner, gift shopping is on the top of everyone’s list. And one of The Blueberry Barn’s perfect presents is our handmade blueberry muffin candles. With a warm scent of oven-fresh muffins and steaming blueberries, these candles fill the room with their sweet aroma...and without even being lighted!

The candles come in multiple varieties, from the large and small white candles adorned with three wax blueberries to the travel candle that is great for making the car smell like home. These hand-poured soy candles are made by Candle Crest and burn longer and cleaner than most other candles. The soy in these candles is high quality and made in the United States.

Also on the shelves are wax melts and large jarred candles that are made in Hazlehurst, Georgia by Mason’s Candles, a small family who make and sell many other flavors of candles.

If your list of gifts for friends, family, and coworkers is seeming a bit empty or if you’re having a time trying to find a present for a certain someone, then stop by The Blueberry Barn and grab one of these delicious blueberry muffin candles today!

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